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✔  Random land vouchers are valid for about 2 weeks from the date of airdrop, and exchange vouchers that have not been exchanged for land after 2 weeks, the voucher loses the effect of use.
✔  Random land exchange vouchers will not be given to NFTs that have been registered for sale on OpenSea at least once between October 10 and October 16. Thank you for your attention.
✔  The minting price for designated land on KLAYTN MAP is 222 KLAY.
✔  A fee is charged to replace the image of the land.
- 0~99: 10 KLAY
- 100~199: 20 KLAY
- 200-299: 30 KLAY
- 300-399: 40 KLAY

When someone updates an image, the count goes up by 1, and for every 100 image replacements, a premium of 10 KLAY is added.
✔  If the 8x8 (width 8/ length 8, total 64 pieces) land is the same owner, KlayDogesFriend's artwork will be airdropped to the owner's address.
✔  The billboard bidding price, the designated land minting price, and the image replacement fee may change depending on the situation in the future.
✔  The total number of lands in KLAYTN MAP is 96X54, with a total of 5,184 of which about 2,000 will be airdropped to KlayDogesFriend holders and partners in the form of random land vouchers.
✔  Once issued, the voucher must be used within 2 weeks. The issued voucher cannot be used after 2 weeks.

✔  Text to be written on the billboard is selected through an auction.
✔  Only the klaytnmap owner can participate in the billboard auction, and the minimum bidding unit is 1 Klay.
✔  The billboard auction starts and ends every Tuesday at GMT+0 (Korea 9am).
✔  Billboard bidding cannot be canceled during the auction period.
✔  When the billboard winning bid is decided (at the end of the auction), all participants except the successful bidder will receive a full refund.
✔  50% of Billboard's revenue is paid to the klaytnmap owner.(revenue/2/5194*Klaytnmap.balanceOf(owner))
✔  Billboard's revenue can be checked in the text reward at the top, and can be paid by click the `Get My Reward` Text.
✔  Inappropriate billboard texts may not be posted at the discretion of the management team.